Youth Enrichment

CPLC's Youth Enrichment programs help youth succeed.

The CPLC Family Empowerment Youth Enrichment programs, housed at the CPLC Community Center and Central Park Rec Center in Phoenix, provide a safe and supportive environment to help youth succeed in school, college, and career.

We engage youth of all ages with tutoring; homework help; hands-on STEM activities; sports and recreation; nutrition and health education; arts and culture activities; and character development. Teen participants gain leadership experience by leading self-directed service projects that demonstrate how their actions—positive or negative—can have lasting impact on their communities.

Our programs serve low-income neighborhoods experiencing high rates of crime, failing schools, and low rates of educational attainment.

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First class begins Saturday, March 9th, 10:00am-12:00pm
La primer clase comienza el sábado 9 de marzo de 10:00am-12:00pm

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Join us in our celebration of the legacy of Cesar Chavez with food and festivities for the community! Saturday, April 6th, 10:00am-1:00pm

¡En celebracion de la legacia de César Chávez, estan invitados a este evento familiar lleno de festividades y comida! Sábado 6 de abril, 10:00am - 1:00pm

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“The CPLC Community Center inspired me to go to college.”

CPLC Community Center

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The CPLC Community Center is a multi-generational community hub in the Carl Hayden neighborhood in Phoenix. A neighborhood landmark with its iconic mural, this center provides critical safety-net resources to surrounding families and a safe space for all. As a part of the Family Empowerment of Programs, the learning center provides youth and adult programs that are FREE or low cost.

Services include:

In addition to these community services, the CPLC Community Center also hosts an array of cultural events and activities for positive social development, wellness, mental health and community organization and engagement.

Community Center Basketball Court

The CPLC Community Center recently had the honor of having our basketball court renovated by 2K Foundations. The new design for the court was created by legendary Chicano tattoo artist and cartoonist Mister Cartoon. On the day of the launch, we received a visit from Ronnie 2K, Mister Cartoon, and Devin Booker from the Phoenix Suns.

Children from the community got to meet the NBA star, do a basketball clinic led by Booker, and scrimmage with him. This was an important moment for these young children, some of whom may dream of becoming athletes when they grow up. Thanks to the generosity of 2K Foundations, we have a beautiful new basketball court where the kids in our community can play and let their dreams soar!

CPLC Central Park

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The Central Park Rec Center is a City of Phoenix youth recreation center located at Central Park in Phoenix. A partnership with Grant Park and the Youth Barrio Project, the center provides youth and adult sports programming and community resources. Services include: After-School Programs, Youth & Adult Sports Programs, Family Assistance Services & Referrals, Community Resources & Food Boxes.

La Causa Sports

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La Causa Sports invites you to be a part of our vibrant community of youth and adult athletes. Together, we're creating a healthier, stronger, and more connected community. Join us on the field and at the courts as we champion the power of sports, recreation, and unity.

CPLC West Phoenix Amanecer Prevention Coalition

Amanecer Program
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The CPLC West Phoenix's Amanecer Prevention Program is a culturally-responsive wellness and prevention program and coalition for youth and families serving the west Phoenix communities funded by the Arizona Governor’s Office AHCCCS contract #YH2-0003.

Our Program and Coalition Mission Statement: We believe our communities can strive for holistic healing and wellness through a youth-led and community supported approach. To educate and inspire youth on the value of Indigenous holistic wellness and harm reduction practices through aspects of La Cultura Cura; this, while promoting leadership, culture, positive youth & family empowerment.

Housed at the CPLC Community Center, this program was inspired by our sister program in Tucson, The Nahui Ollin Wellness Program. In addition to our youth prevention and wellness programming, we are also excited to offer A Call to Men healthy masculinity curriculum workshops to self-identified young men ages 12-19 years of age.

Prevention Services Coordinator: Gloria McGinty, M.ED. Gloria.mcginty@cplc.org Coalition Meetings are held via Zoom, fourth Thursdays of the month from 1:00PM-2:00PM.


Last year, the Family Empowerment program served over 1,000 youth, adults, and families combined, which made up 25% of the total Direct Impact under the CPLC's Social Services and Education pillar. We served our community through programs like adult education workshops, after-school sports clinics, nutrition education courses, APS utility or emergency assistance, community resource or walk-in assistance, and supplemental produce bags. The commendable impact across the Family Empowerment sites is fundamental to the overall CPLC mission of empowering lives.

As our communities continue to seek resources and assistance from the Family Empowerment programs, it’s critical that we also take the time to listen for feedback so that we can truly follow our program philosophy of “La Cultura Cura” or The Culture Cures.

The 2024 Listen4Good Family Empowerment Report highlights Family Empowerment's exceptional client satisfaction, with a remarkable NPS score of 92/100, surpassing industry benchmarks. Surveying close to 200 participants, for three consecutive years, the surveyed community members reported high satisfaction with their needs being met, with 88% reporting “very well” or “extremely well” (2023, 88%, 2022: 84%).

Despite challenges due to the residual effects of COVID-19, clients benefit significantly from CPLC resources, with 6 of out of 10 Family Empowerment community members reporting being able to pay for other basic needs expenses (68%). (2023: 67%, 2022: 67%).

This report underscores our dedication to empowering individuals and families, ensuring their needs are met with compassion and efficiency.

We invite you to check out the report and see how we are making a positive difference in our community!

Report Snapshot

Our Youth Enrichment
programs serve youth grades


We provide direct
services to more than


students every week.

Our Youth Enrichment
programs use only


practices to maximize impact.

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