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CPLC has been lending to small business since 1980. High demand for this service led CPLC to formalize their lending activities in 2000 and create a wholly owned subsidiary, CPLC Prestamos CDFI. Prestamos' mission is to build stronger communities by providing access to affordable capital through non-traditional small business financing resources in Arizona, Nevada, and New Mexico.

CPLC Prestamos is committed to addressing the lack of access to affordable capital and provides economic opportunities for small and emerging small businesses to start and grow. Since its inception, Prestamos has provided more than $50 million in loans supporting more than 400 businesses.

“CPLC Prestamos helped me achieve my dream.”

Prestamos loan products are designed to address common barriers to capital such as:

In addition, Prestamos provides technical support to its clients.

CPLC Prestamos Loan Products

We create or retain more than


jobs every year.

Last year, we deployed


To small businesses across AZ and NV.

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