Who We Are

We believe in human dignity.

Everyone deserves the power to live a meaningful life. Unfortunately, structural inequities create barriers for too many, closing off opportunities and fueling injustice. Our programs give individuals and families a seat at the table. We facilitate growth through five Areas of Impact:


We Drive Economic and Political Empowerment


Empowered Lives

What does “Chicanos Por La Causa” Mean?

There are many words to describe people of Latin American heritage. The term "Chicano" refers to Mexican Americans born in the United States and was popularized during the Civil Rights movement, when CPLC formed. We continue to use this term in our name because it represents our unique history and identity.

"Por La Causa" (pronounced "cow"-"saw") translates to "for the Cause." This cause is the same today as it has always been—creating systemic change so that all people have the power to live a life of dignity.

In FY20-21, CPLC impacted almost


Individuals across the US.

What Sets Us Apart?

CPLC responds to the changing needs of the community—from infants to seniors—providing integrated programs and services which treat the whole person. While our services are offered to all people, regardless of ethnic background, we have a special competence in serving the Latino community and have become the most recognized and most trusted provider of services to Latinos in Arizona.

To support our mission of helping individuals become economically and politically empowered and self-sufficient, we lead by example. CPLC owns and manages mission-driven for-profit subsidiaries, whose income helps to fund our nonprofit charitable initiatives. More than half of CPLC's revenue is self-generated, ensuring that our organization can weather financial storms and that our mission will continue sustainably into the future.

We are CPLC

Annual Report 2022

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