Chicanos Por La Causa and CPLC Action Fund 2022 Get Out The Vote Campaign

Honor Your Past. Vote For Your Future.

Your vote is your voice.

Chicanos Por La Causa and CPLC Action Fund are investing $10 million in an historic Get Out The Vote campaign for Arizona Latinos. This campaign will have a historic impact on the 2022 election and beyond – but it all starts with YOU.

If you are not registered to vote, do so now by clicking on the link below. If you are registered to vote, then get a friend, family member, coworker or neighbor to register to vote by clicking on the link below and helping them register to become a member of the engaged electorate.

Latino issues will be addressed only when Latino issues and heard – and it begins with our voice being heard loud and clear at the ballot box.

Chicanos Por La Causa and CPLC Action Fund are working in partnership with a growing number of Latino community leaders and organizations to maximize resources and outreach to ensure that every Latino exercises their right to vote.

The nonpartisan campaign was launched on April 14 at Santa Rita Hall, just southeast of downtown Phoenix. The Phoenix Historic Property Register site, which is undergoing renovation, is where civil rights leader Cesar E. Chavez fasted for 24 days in 1972 as part of a peaceful protest against social injustice.

Santa Rita is also the birthplace of community organizer and social justice activist Dolores Huerta’s rallying cry, “Sí se puede!” The hall or center became the home to Arizona civil rights movement and where many students and community leaders organized to create longstanding change.

The call to action continues today. Join “the movement” so Arizona’s political landscape reflect and represent its changing demographics, which means more Latinos participating in the election process.

The statewide GOTV campaign is focusing heavily on Latino districts, which often underperform at the polls. Focus groups will help identify the most-effective messaging, which will be delivered via digital ads, mainstream media including Spanish-language outlets, regional events, and door-to-door canvassing. The GOTV effort will target both younger and older generations, relying on new voter registration and activating engagement of individuals already on voter rolls.

Arizona Latinos need to understand and appreciate both the importance and the power of their vote, which could be the deciding factor in the U.S. Senate race, statewide offices including governor and secretary of state, and important ballot measures such as allowing in-state college tuition for Dreamers and the question of additional voter ID requirements.

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