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27th Dec 2023

This blog is part of our “We Are CPLC” series of letters from CPLC staff. We hope you are inspired by these stories of our community by our familia. When you donate to CPLC, you directly support their work. 

Last year around this time, I shared my story.  

About how when I was nineteen years old, I felt compelled to be the voice of those who cannot speak. 

You might remember those words. But in case you don’t—I invite you to read the full letter in our latest Annual Report: https://cplc.org/assets/files/publications/cplc-annual-report-2022.pdf. 

This report is now available on our website. In it, you will find the stories of so many on our staff who work directly with our community to change lives. 

I hope you find inspiration, warmth, and satisfaction in reading their stories. And I hope you take pride in knowing that your support plays an integral part in each one. 

I feel grateful to be part of this community—and that I am not alone in my lucha. 

We are many. We are a community of advocates. Of healers. Of dreamers. 

We are working together to empower people in our community. To build a more equitable future for all. 

Together, our voices are stronger, and we can achieve so much more. 

I encourage you to browse our Annual Report to hear from other voices making an impact: https://cplc.org/assets/files/publications/cplc-annual-report-2022.pdf. 

As the New Year approaches, I look forward to the positive changes we’ll continue to make in our community. Together. 

If you find it in your heart to donate to our Causa ahead of the New Year, please visit https://cplc.org/donate/donate.php. Thank you for your support always. 

I wish you much joy and light in the company of your loved ones this holiday season. 


Delma Herrera Email Signature

Delma Herrera 

Board President, CPLC 

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