Chicanos Por La Causa (CPLC) is excited to announce the acquisition of the Mesa YMCA facility located at Main and University in mid-December 2018. CPLC is the largest non-profit, Community Development Corporation in Arizona with a 50-year history of serving all the community in need. CPLC offers programs and services in education, economic development, housing, and health and human services. Our success stems from our approach of assessing the needs of the community and providing wrap-around services that treat each person based on their unique needs and circumstances. As part of CPLC’s commitment to provide essential services to the local community, CPLC will temporarily close the location so that we can conduct a thorough community assessment with the intent to reopen in the near future with programs and services based on the feedback and opinion of the community, including yours.

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CPLC appreciates the opportunity to become your neighbor, and we look forward to much success as we work together to change lives through political and economic empowerment. For more information contact Mesacenter@cplc.org