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Domestic Violence

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CPLC De Colores opened its doors in 1986 out of community-identified need for a domestic violence shelter that would provide an environment that was culturally and linguistically appropriate for monolingual Spanish speaking women and their children, many of whom are isolated from their families and traditional networks of support. The shelter, located in south central Phoenix, serves an average of 500-600 clients a year recovering from abuse and ready to start a life free of violence.

The mission of De Colores is to provide a safe and secure environment where victims of domestic violence can recover from the devastating effects of abuse as they acquire the knowledge and skills necessary to become self-sufficient and break the cycle of violence. CPLC De Colores also provides community-based and follow up services to survivors and their children.

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De Colores programming includes:

Crisis Programs

Provide immediate safety and security for families from domestic violence, along with assigned supportive staff that offer family support counseling, case management, and lay legal advocacy.

Housing and Advocacy Intervention

Supportive housing enabling families an opportunity to begin a violent-free, self-sufficient life; serves survivors of violence or stalking who are unable to obtain stable housing because of abuse.

Youth Programs

Prevention education, support and positive interaction for children living in the shelter and in the community who have been affected by domestic violence.

Community-Based Programs

Counseling and case management services to victims of domestic violence in the community, as well as after-care/follow up services to families leaving the De Colores Domestic Violence shelter.

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CPLC De Colores

24-hour hotline: (602) 269-1515
General information: decolores@cplc.org

Community-Based Programs offered at the CPLC Maryvale Community Service Center:

6850 W Indian School Rd
Phoenix, AZ 85033

(623) 247-0464