August is Make-A-Will Month

19th Aug 2021

August is Make-A-Will Month, and a great time to get the facts about estate planning.


Myth #1: Wills are only important if you have a lot of money or property.

This is false. There are many reasons to have a will. Wills can do much more than just name who gets your money and property. With a will, you can also nominate guardians for your minor children, name caretakers for your pets, leave instructions for digital assets, write your funeral wishes, and more. A will can also save your loved ones the time, money, and stress that comes with lengthy, expensive court proceedings.


Myth #2: My family knows what I want, so I don’t need a will.

Your family does not get to make any decisions for you if you don’t write them down in a will—the government does. And this court process can be long and cost your loved ones a lot of money from your estate.


Myth #3: Writing a will is a long, complicated, and expensive process.

Not anymore! There are a number of online will-making tools out there today, such as www.freewill.com. Here, you can fill out, download, and print your will for free in less than 30 minutes. Then all you have to do is sign your will with at least two witnesses and keep it safe. 

Download our free will-writing guide to learn more, or respond to this email and we will mail you one! 

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